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I have received many compliments within the last 12 months of how nice my eyelashes look and even more questions about whether they are natural or extensions. Unlike some people, I was not naturally gifted with long luscious lashes and if extensions look as good as the real thing then I say why not just fake it. I came across eyelash extension early last year when a friend told me that she had been getting eye lash extensions for almost 2 years. I was hesitant to try as I am not a big fan of the one piece eyelash extensions. I can never put them on properly and they usually irritate my eyes when I have them on for too long. I decided to give this a go for a friend’s wedding early last year and I have not turned back since. My first time at Cat’s Beauty was very awkward as the beautician did not speak much English. According to my friend, the beautician, Amy, has been doing this for more than 10 years in Korea and she is very professional. The best thing about eyelash extension is that you can go from the very natural looking 9mm J-curls to doll eyed 13mm C-curls. All the lashes are silk mink so they feel soft to touch. Unlike the single piece eyelash extensions, you won’t feel these at all and they won’t irritate your eyes. For those who are a little confused about the different length and curls, here is a little visual aid.


So I went to Cat’s Beauty recently and took some pictures to show you the difference between my real lashes and the extensions.

Before… not much there…





They are fairly easy to maintain, I usually just give them a brush twice a day and put on a mascara-like serum which is easy to brush on. The serum keeps them nicely separated.



You can also use eye make-up with these eyelash extensions, but do not use an oil based make-up remover as it is harder to clean. I prefer using a water based make-up remover such as the Bioderma Sensibio H2O for sensitive skin.

A tip for anyone who is thinking about trying out individual lash extensions – do not try to remove the lashes by pulling on them as you will pull out your natural lashes as well. Just let them fall out naturally.

It is definitely worth a try and you can say goodbye to your mascara too!





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  1. Made Up Maiden June 11, 2012 at 4:02 am #

    Fantastic result, indeed! I’ve always liked the thought but have refrained as I’m afraid of damage to my own lashes! You do hear some horror stories out there! You’ve seriously tempted me, though!

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