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T he weather in Australia has been awfully deceiving – it looks sunny, but it’s so windy and cold, and this has been wreaking havoc with my skin! Sitting in the heating at work in the day, and hovering near a heater at night certainly hasn’t been helping either.


These are some of my ESSENTIALS FOR THE COLDER MONTHS that are making my winter days & nights a little more bearable:

NICE WARM SCARF: It is the worst feeling to be stuck outside with the wind blowing down your shirt (as I am a fan of low necklines, even in Winter LOL). A scarf instantly warms you up, and it is the cutest and cheapest accessory in my opinion. You can wear scarves over and over again, and keep them for years – and a nice print will spice up a plain winter outfit.

SHISEIDO SUNSCREEN (OR ANY SUNSCREEN): Even in Winter, sunscreen of SPF30+ is essential. The sun’s rays can still penetrate through thick cloud, and you can still get burnt without you even realising. Plus, sunscreen is the first defence against anti-aging, and who doesn’t want that? Apply 20 minutes before leaving the house – if you work in an office or are going to be inside all day, then one application should be enough. If you work outside or are doing outdoor activities, apply more frequently!

TRILOGY ROSEHIP OIL: This is my preferred skin treatment for the Winter. It’s an oil (obviously) so I only apply it at night. But often in Winter, I get the ugly dry patches around my skin, which can get quite painful and can sting, and I find applying this oil as a treatment at night, usually means I wake up with soothed and softer skin in the morning. It can also be used on your face, eye area and body – and it is all natural.

EXERCISE (OR SEX-ERCISE): Any type of exercise will do! I still work out in Winter – this is essential, even more so in Winter, as you are likely to become more sluggish and laze around in bed all day. I find that after a decent workout, I always feel much better. It gives such a boost in Winter – get some good clothing – work out materials that ‘wick’ away sweat, lots of layers, and you’re good to go!

CARMEX LIP BALM:  Best lip balm, hands down. I wouldn’t use this during the day (as it doesn’t contain SPF, nor does it look very pretty or smell very nice). BUT whenever my lips are starting to show signs of extreme dryness (due to the weather, air conditioning, heating etc), I apply this baby on, and it puts a stop to cracking lips immediately. I use this as an overnight treatment. I’ve even got my mum hooked! I love this stuff!!!

URBAN DECAY NAKED PALETTE: Vira purchased this item for me (thanks, girl) and I have been loving it of late. I have been wearing it everyday for the past two weeks and it is so versatile and pretty. I love how you can go completely natural or completely smoky with this pallete.



Eyes:  Urban Decay eyeshadows from Naked Palette: Sidecar/creep on my eyelids and half-baked on the inner corners.

Blush: MAC Dainty.

Lips: Revlon Lip Butter in “Sweet Tart”


Ok, so these are all my Winter essentials. What are yours?


Ciao bitches,

Angela xxx

junior lawyer with a passion for beauty and skincare. absolutely obsessed with sequins, diamonds, glitter, dewy skin, bright neon lips, killer nails, the gym, and lil kim.


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